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Application Process

Students may apply for scholarships their senior year of high school and within two years of high school for aid for the first two years of college. Scholarship applications are available from high school counselors.  The deadline for submitting applications is March 15. All applications are online forms. If you have any questions please email here.

Application Form – High School & College

When you open the application it will open on an outside webpage; there will be an option for you to select if you are a high school student or a college student. Each application is specific to your status. Select the option which pertains to your status. You will be able to fill out the document online (please bookmark the new webpage for the application, you’ll be able to return to it until all sections are completed) and submit any requested documentation. You can stop and restart the form and all information will be saved. If outside documents are required (tax returns, letters of recommendation, etc. there will be a request area for you to send emails requesting specific documents which you may not have (e.g.: parent’s tax return, letter or recommendation, transcripts). The application system will send the requests to the emails of the people that can upload the required documents.  All documents are securely housed by a third-party processing agent (Community Force) and are not available for viewing other than by the selection committee.

Instructions for Applicants

General Instructions (download copy here):

  1. High school seniors or college students (applying within two years of high school graduation for use for the first two years of college) residing within the boundaries of the Birmingham School District at the time of high school graduation are eligible to apply for scholarships. Depending upon funding, scholarships may be available for 3rd and 4th year college students.
  2. Only complete applications will be considered by the SCHOLAR board. All requested information must be provided. High school applications must be received by your counselor by the March 15.  Incomplete applications will not be submitted for review and will not be seen by the selection committee.
  3. College applications must be completed by March 15. All of the conditions above apply to College applications.


Student Information:

  1. The student will complete all questions on Academic Performance, School and Community Activities, Employment Experience, Other Scholarship/Financial Aid Information, Student Financial Information and Educational Plans. A copy of the first two pages of the student’s current year Federal Tax Form 1040 is required.
  2. The student is to prepare a statement of educational goals and reasons why a scholarship should be awarded, to be attached to the application.
  3. The college student must obtain a letter of recommendation from a college counselor, teacher or employer to be included with the application.

Parent Information:

A parent is to complete the Family Information questions including those about parents, dependent children, dependents other than children, family income and family homes of both parents, and any court ordered child support. Copies of the first two pages of the current 2012 Federal Tax Form 1040 for both parents is required. If parents, whether married or divorced, file separate tax returns, both returns are required. In the absence of clear written evidence from an independent source such as the Friend of the Court that one parent has an established pattern of being unable or unwilling to provide support for the student; the SCHOLAR board will presume that both parents will provide support for educational expenses. If one parent’s Current Year Federal Tax Form 1040 is not provided, the SCHOLAR board will presume that that parent will furnish at least 50 percent of educational support and any scholarship will be adjusted accordingly. The SCHOLAR board understands that no parent is required to provide financial support to children 18 years and older although parents usually provide financial assistance for college education.

Counselor Information:

  1. The counselor is to submit transcripts via the Application portal.
  2. A counselor’s letter of recommendation must be uploaded via the application form (you will receive an email request).

The application process is 100% online. Please click on the button below to begin the process. You’ll be redirected to an outside webpage where you’ll create a login ID. Bookmark this new page to return to your application as you work through it. Use a permanent email ID for login as you’ll receive notifications related to the process. The application link is effective for both high school and college scholarship applications.