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How do I apply to SCHOLAR?

You must be a senior (12th grader) and reside within the boundaries of the Birmingham School District.  You must complete the online SCHOLAR Application in full.  If you are selected as a Scholar recipient you will be notified by a member of the SCHOLAR staff.  Students who are  selected as award winners from the SCHOLAR Foundation will be announced on the dates specified on the Application Calendar. Typically, applications are due in January or February (2nd semester senior year) and the Scholar selection process is completed by the end of the academic school year.

Can I still be awarded a SCHOLAR Award if I don’t attend either Groves or Seaholm?

Yes, the only residency restriction is that the applicant reside within the boundary of the Birmingham School District.

What criteria are used to select SCHOLAR Award Recipients?

The SCHOLAR Foundation is seeking to select scholarship recipients of high character who meet our Scholarship Requirements. SCHOLAR recipients come from a multitude of social and cultural backgrounds and bring many different types of personalities and talents to the group.

Do I need to be a straight-A student to be considered for a SCHOLAR award?

Grades are one of the items we take into consideration, but a 4.0 is not a requirement.

How many SCHOLAR awards are granted?

The SCHOLAR Foundation has no set target, but typically up to 20 seniors receive awards annually.

Who should I ask to write my letters of recommendation when I apply?

It is important to select recommenders that know you well and can write about your academic talents, potential, character and personality traits. You will email these recommenders via the application form and they will submit their letters using links provided to them. These individuals should be adults including teachers, counselors, employers, mentors and/or professionals in the community. Recommendations from family members and friends will not be considered. It will enhance your application if you submit recommendations from individuals who take the time to write thorough, detailed letters with specific anecdotes and examples.

Who reviews my application?

The Board of Directors of the SCHOLAR Foundation review each application package and work collaboratively to select award winners.

Are there any costs associated with applying to SCHOLAR?

No. There is no fee to apply and the Foundation covers all expenses for any SCHOLAR events.

Once I graduate from high school will is receive additional awards?

The SCHOLAR Foundation, through a generous and ongoing grant from the Armand Foundation, does provide awards for past SCHOLAR award winners so long as they are enrolled in an accredited  university or college. You MUST reapply annually while enrolled and your complete application must arrive by the cut off date.

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