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About SCHOLAR Birmingham

SCHOLAR, whose official name is the Birmingham Student Loan and Scholarship Fund Association, is a nonprofit corporation formed in 1922 by the American Association of University Women and the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce  to provide college financial assistance to students who reside within the boundaries of the Birmingham School District upon high school graduation. Available moneys for scholarships came from annual donations from PTSA groups, individuals and organizations and from earnings from endowed or similar investments. Contributions are tax deductible.  Although loans were once a part of the organizations mission, that is no longer the case; scholarship funds are sent directly to the university or college for each awardee to offset the cost of higher education. Repayment is not expected.

SCHOLAR is operated by a nine-member volunteer board of trustees including the Birmingham schools’ superintendent, a member of the Birmingham Board of Education, a representative of the districtwide PTSA, a representative of the AAUW, and five at-large trustees drawn from the community. Additional honorary trustees may be appointed.

Typically scholarships can range from $500 to $3,000 and are awarded to high school seniors and qualifying Birmingham college students. Scholarships are awarded each May for the following school year and are based upon the following factors, all of which are considered:

(a) family financial need
(b) student academic performance
(c) student school and community activities
(d) student employment experience
(e) student educational goals
(f) student enrollment in a Michigan college or  school
(g) family and student circumstances

Fundraising Campaigns

Judah Richardson Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Judah Richardson, a Seaholm graduate with a promising future that we lost far too soon. All donations will go towards establishing a scholarship to honor the memory of Judah’s spirit. 

100 Year Celebration

2022-2023 marks the 100th anniversary of SCHOLAR Birmingham. This makes SCHOLAR the oldest charity associated with the Birmingham area School District. Initially formed in a joint effort between the American Association of University Women and the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce as a loan association, SCHOLAR is now a scholarship-granting charity serving the needs of graduating high school seniors who live within the boundary of the BPS District.