Scholarship Award Parameters

SCHOLAR has several scholarships that have been funded by individuals or organizations that seek to recognize special achievements or interests. The following is a brief summary of these awards.

American Association of University Women (AAUW) – Birmingham Branch

Given to a high achieving female.

Vince Secontine, Jr. Award (Arman Foundation)

Given to 3rd or 4th year college students

Betty Quarton Hoard Trust

Students must have demonstrated a passion for American History and a commitment to the standards evoked by Founding Fathers

Fred Quarton Hoard American History Scholarship

Students must have demonstrated a passion for American History Studies

Leonard Cercone Memorial

University of Michigan: preferably a graduate of Covington. Exhibits the characteristic of doing his or her best in all endeavors at school and in community service. Someone that has a history of helping others.

Gene Hirs Award

Given to a student that exhibits high math abilities

Groves Scholar

Given to Groves students that demonstrate high academic achievement.

Hilda Gertrude Trumbull Trust Award

Given to students for financial support.

Maple from 1958 Book Award

From donations given by class of 1958 graduates which recognizes strong support for reading and arts.

Rosso Family Foundation

Seaholm or Groves graduate with high college potential, attending a four-year Michigan college or university and who had been employed outside the family for his or her junior and senior years.

Roura-Quinn Memorial Fund

Given to an active, high achieving female, preferably one who plans to attend a Michigan school to study education.

SCHOLAR Trustee Award

Students selected by the SCHOLAR board

Seaholm Scholar Award

Given to Seaholm students that demonstrate high academic achievement.

Jason C. Kaltreider Award

Given in memory of Seaholm ’94 graduate Jason C. Kaltreider.

Village Club of Beverly Hills Award

Given to a student that is a resident of Beverly Hills